Coach Responsibilities


We are always looking to add to our roster of highly successful coaches at Central Carolina Soccer Club. If you are interested in becoming a coach in CCSC, please contact CCSC Director of Coaching (DOC).

The Director of Coaching interviews all potential classic and challenge coaches. The DOC will then submit a list of satisfactory candidates to the CCSC Board of Directors for approval. Each coach is appointed annually and monitored during the year by the DOC. Each CCSC coach is evaluated and reviewed by the DOC after each season (fall and spring). 

Coaches are responsible for the actions and matters relating to their team. They are to set and enforce rules and have the final say in all decisions. As such, all CCSC coaches are to conduct themselves in the most professional, supportive, and ethical manner possible.

Throughout their tenure, CCSC coaches will be provided with several coaching resources for use at their discretion. These include practice techniques, practice plans, access to DOC training sessions, and more. All coaches are expected to obtain at least a USSF "E" License by the U-13 age level.

Responsibilities of a Coach

Coaching Guidelines